We leverage everything we can learn from horses and create both stand alone programs or specific experiences that add value to our other offerings.

Some of the skills we help develop through the work with our horses are creativity, accountability, confidence, assertiveness, building trust, communication, respect, leadership and teamwork. 

Horses will guide our learning through activities specially designed for each individual program or workshop.

GlobalPrism EquuSmart


For Corporate Clients
  • Closing activities for any kind of business / learning meetings – regardless of our involvement in the session itself.

  • Add-on to any of our offerings for corporate clients.


For Private Clients
  • Invite your friends for a closed workshop or join us in one of our open groups and enjoy 2 hours of fun while learning important life skills together with our horses. 
    • Women’s groups
    • Family Time
    • Sports Teams (youth or adults)
    • Open workshops for individuals (youth or adults).


For Education
  • We can create a program for the specific needs of your school or classroom. Address issues like:
    • Bullying
    • Transition to different levels at school
    • Depression
    • Anxiety Management
    • Confidence
    • Teamwork

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