His registered name is Sheer Mayhem. He is an 8-year-old thoroughbred gelding sired by Into Mischief out of the Unbridled mare Star Of Glory and bred in Louisiana. He was bred to race, and he did from 2017 to 2020 participating in 22 races. Mayhem earned more than $95k, won 5 races, was second in 2 and third in 2. He was once deemed as a Triple Crown prospect.

Even though since he was born his life was filled with all the luxury that surrounds the racing industry (nice stables, good food, great trainers, the best vets….), he had a pretty hard job. His training started since the moment he was born, because every detail counts if you want to be a champion. 

He retired in August 2020 (luckily for me and my husband), and he became part of our family in November 2020. Our journey has been one with ups and downs, with a lot of learning for all of us and a lot of adjusting to new realities.

He now spends half of his days out in the pasture or paddocks with his new herd, he works with us 1 hour a day and stays in his stall around 12 of the 24 hours of the day. That is a huge change for him! He had to learn how to behave in a herd – and after many, MANY bites, kicks and fights, I think he is finding his place.

He is also learning how to behave with his “human herd”. He has us all figured out. He knows, for example, that I still need more confidence around him; so he pushes me to the exact point I need in order to learn how to be assertive and calm. He understands my language, and while he learns from me and what I want to accomplish with him, he teaches me lessons that go far beyond our specific relationship and work.

Mayhem is still not ready to work in our Equine Assisted Learning program, but he has been the inspiration for my work with horses. He really encouraged me to go for my dreams and to do what is needed to be successful.

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