Leadership Lessons from the Horses Workshop

An Equestrian Assisted Learning Experience

The Equestrian Assisted Learning is an approach to human and leadership development that leverages the horses’ nature, instincts and millennial wisdom in a safe space to guide participants through experiential learning experiences.

In this experiential workshop we will work in groups of 2 – 4 participants with one horse (without riding), to go through a series of obstacles / courses on the ground. During the process, the participants will learn about their individual style, how they communicate, their self confidence, assertiveness, problem solving skills and other personal characteristics, and will gain insights on how to improve their effectiveness both as individuals and as members of a formal or informal group and community.

Open sessions will be scheduled throughout the year according to interest, and we can schedule closed sessions for specific organizations according to your needs.

Minimum 4 participants  |  Maximum 16 participants.  No previous horse experience is required.

Please let us know you are interested by sending us an e-mail (info@globalprismhr.net) or completing the “Contact Us” form.

We look forward to hearing from you!



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